Sa, 28.10.2017   CATacombs of Metal XVIII


Special Headliner Release Show: "Primitiv" !!!

3 years are gone since Tod & Teufel, the last ARROGANZ album came out. Now the time has come to unleash a brandnew beast, entitled simply "PRIMITIV". But no, it doesn't sound primitive or simple, here waiting 6 new songs and with no doubt ARROGANZ' best written material so far. It would be just to easy to call it Death or blackened Death Metal...it's more than this... K., the guy behind the bass axe and vokillz explains:

„PRIMITIV is not for: kissass wannebe misanthropes, guys who say they love nature cause they walk the dog once a day, not for anybody who thinks triggers are ok, not for any "scene",not for your fancy bullshit online blog, not for you and not for any god. PRIMITIV is for us. And for everybody who is into dark, deep and real music – and don ́t give a fuck about senseless promotional phrases. Sincerely, ARROGANZ" 



Release Show: "Drugs & Death" !!!

Black metal. D-beat. Straight in your face. Fuck off. 



Inspired by the early 90's scene, GOATH was founded in December 2015 by Goathammer (guitars, vocals), Muerte (bass, vocals) and Serrator (drums). The band released a selftitled demo in May 2016, which sold out quickly, and celebrated first live rituals in Berlin and Nuremberg. GOATH's debut album "Luciferian Goath Ritual" was recorded live within 30 hours in summer 2016 and is now ready to be unleashed.

Expect hell on earth!!! 

Einlass: 20:00 Uhr
Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
Eintritt: 12€ / 10€ (ermäßigt)



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