Sa, 24.03.2018   CATacombs Of Metal XX - MORAST, CRYPTIC BROOD und DISKORD


With their first album 'Ancestral Void' Germany's MORAST continue to follow the sepulchral path and dismal vision started last year with their well-received demo.
'Ancestral Void' is a trip through melancholic desolation and raging subversion. The album does not conveniently fit into one category – be it doom, death or black metal – 'Ancestral Void' stands on its own with its dark and obscure atmosphere, monolithic riffs, liturgic drumming and gloomy vocals. Six songs about loss, grief, anger and bitterness. A hauling maelstrom erupting into pure armageddon and back. MORAST leaves you lonely, cold and miserable. However, in the end this is a cathartic moment....

This piece of pure blackness will be unleashed through the blessed hands of Totenmusik in conspiracy with Ván Records.


Because of their lust for rancid and rotten death metal, three maniacs from Wolfsburg/Germany started the band CRYPTIC BROOD at the beginning of the year 2013. The 'Morbid Rite' Demo-Cassette as first physical sign of life was self-released in October of that year and regurgitated several times by different labels in the following months. With this extraction of doomed out death metal, their morbid live rituals and a couple of split-releases, CRYPTIC BROOD spread their plague within the filthy realm of the death metal underground and joined forces with Xtreem Music. Backed with this Spanish cult- label, the “Wormhead”-EP crept out of their tomb. After returning from their first European tour in November 2015, the brood summoned its awaited first full-length album entitled “Brain Eater” that will be released on CD, vinyl and ancient tape in 2017. Packed with this album, the brood embarked on their “Sleazy Filth” Euro-tour to mangle brains with lobotomizing death metal rottenness and putrid slime.


DISKORD is a band that can truly be said to have taken the meaning of “obscure” to entirely new levels. Their recent offering, aptly named «DYSTOPICS», has garnered them a wealth of connoisseurial praise and is literally bursting at the seams with a very twisted and outlandish death metal. One is treated to riffs so hoarily old school and exquisite one would think they were tested in some death metal lab to ensure maximum rapture. That means expert use of doomy sludge, blast beats and everything in between that amounts to a blunt but sophisticated emotional blitz. Coupled to alienating lyrics that target and dissect those urges that are left simmering in the back of your brain, even after a death metal gig, DISKORD is a band that aims to thoroughly fracture the mind behind the convulsing body.


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